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Expo Milano : Feeding and dairy products



The Universal Exhibition Milano 2015 just opened its doors and will be opened until 31th of October.  The core theme for this Milano 2015 Exhibition is, for the very first time, “Feeding the planet; energy for life”. An exhibition dedicated to feeding and, more precisely, to the question on how to ensure a sufficient, safe and sustainable nutrition for the whole humanity. It will be the opportunity for a significant presence of dairy products from different origins.

The Egyptian pavilion narrates the history through the presentation of Isis, universal symbol of fertility, offering two conceptual dimensions: globally, as a metaphor of communication and transformation; locally, as the bearer of life and resurrection. The French pavilion reflects culinary and agricultural traditions, whose dairy products will be highlighted through dedicated areas and events:  the Milk Arch (formed by 14 high quality screens) created by the set designer Clémence Farrel, the milk words wall from Ich&Kar duo and the Milk Factory food truck, an ephemeral canteen where tasting the French delights. Greece opts for a pavilion focusing on national diet as an universal standard for the production and consumption of food products, favorable both at the individual and collective health. The Italian pavilion focuses on its excellent gastronomy: culture and national traditions tied to cooking and food, everything characterised by the high quality in raw materials and transformed products. Lebanese pavilion will use generosity, hospitality and cuisine to reveal the culture of this eastern country. Finally, Tunisia’s pavilion has been built as an “enchanted oasis”, a space that pays tribute to the Oasis of Gabes, on the littoral of the Mediterranean, and one of the last of its kind in the world.

Furthermore, LACTIMED was selected to participate at the Euro-Mediterranean Day of the French Pavilion where this project will be present by a preview projection at the Universal Exhibition Milano 2015, an assessment of actions and results and, as usual, a typical dairy products tasting of the Mediterranean.