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Coordinated by the CCIA of Zahle and Bekaa


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To encourage companies in the dairy chain to innovate to develop their business and improve the quality of theirproduction, the project will organise a regional competition of innovative projects for the enhancement of Mediterranean typical dairy products.


producers and promotion of innovation

A local conference will be organised in each territory to present the conditions of the competition and raise the awareness of participants to efficient, traditional and sustainable production techniques, to the need to improve the quality of products, and to the effective management of the customer relationship. Following the conference, interested persons will be invited to submit an application form presenting their business, the objectives of their project and a draft business plan. The competition will also be available via the project website.


Candidates pre-selected by a jury of international experts and local partners will then participate in a local training and coaching workshop to develop their business planThey will benefit from the technical assistance of an executive of local organisation supporting the dairy sector, and from the economic and financial expertise of the manager of a bank or another financial institution. These workshops will also help: to strengthen the capacity of local support structures by proposing new methods of assistance; to improve the assessment of risks and the knowledge of the issues in the dairy sector by financial players; to develop relations between producers, support structures and financial players.

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Each candidate will present its business plan at the end of the training. In each territory, the jury will select the two best projects of dairy product enhancement based on a technological, organisational or social innovation while using local resources and traditional know-how. The winners will receive a seed grant to finance the filing or acquisition of patents, the services of inspection or certification bodies, the purchase of machinery, etc. They will also be liaised with local and national organisations that could boost the development of their project by a financial, technological or commercial contribution.