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Environment: Low Carbon Dairy Farm selected


Launched in March 2015, the innovative projects contest called "My positive impact" aims at finding innovative solutions for climate change within the preparation of COP 21 in Paris.

Initiative of CNIEL (Interprofessional National Center of Dairy Economy), the Low Carbon Dairy Farm was pre-selected by the Nicolas Hulot Fondation among 350 sustainable projects.

This project, which has been conducted by farmers, aims at reducing by 20% gas emissions in dairy productions by 2020. The Low Carbon Dairy Farm solutions (La ferme laitière bas carbone) are based on different approach of sustainable development: environment, economy and society.

The initiative is structured around three main lines :
- Analysis of gas emission flows leading to a diagnostic
- Implementation of a climate action plan for dairy operations and its environment
- Enhancement of the farms’ economic efficiency

The final goal is to save 40 ton of carbon by livestock within 10 years, being 2 million tones of CO2 for 60.000 French breeders to be involved. A large media campaign will be offered to the competition’s winner.