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Important consumption of dairy products in Europe


Milk and dairy products represent 44% of the total fresh food purchases in supermarkets, with a global sales increase of 3,4% reaching EUR 20,8 billion in 2014. Fresh cheeses are the best-selling dairy products, followed by butter which increased by 3,3% (EUR 6,4 billion). Finally, cream rises to EUR 5,7 billion and fresh milk reached EUR 5,7 billion too.


Germany and France are the countries where the Italian cheese exports are higher (1/3 of the total), but also where fresh products purchases has more increased.


According to Assolatte published data, the Italian cheese exports in France increased by 4,6% in volume and by 6,9% in value during the first nine months of 2014. In relation to Italian exports in Germany, numbers are optimistic, with an increase of about 6,5% in volume and 5,5% in value.