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Dairy chains & Clusters

Integration of dairy chains and creation of local clusters

Coordinated by Bizerte Cluster


promoting typical dairy products meetingThe strategy for promoting typical dairy products developed for each territory as a result of the diagnosis will primarily aim to structure the value chain and create local clusters.

To increase the value created locally, the project will encourage suppliers, farmers, collectors, processors, distributors, research labs, training centres and support structures to network and create local dairy clusters. The latter will enable them to pool resources (natural, technical, financial), skills (R&D, training, farming, collection, processing, packaging, marketing) and to develop collective ways of access to the markets.

A participatory workshop will be organised in each territory to present the results of the diagnosis and the proposed action plan. Participants will also be made aware of the cluster approach. The workshop will identify interested stakeholders and discuss the strategy to be implemented. Subsequent meetings will aim to define the services and equipments to be shared, the structure and management of the cluster, and the pilot project to be launched to initiate its creation (milk collection centre, mini dairy, analysis tools, etc.) The implementation of the pilot project will then be followed by local partners and experts.

In parallel, regional training seminars will strengthen the capacity of executives of local organisations supporting the dairy sector to assist companies in their territory and to play the role of mediator between the private sector and local and national authorities. They will focus on efficient and sustainable agricultural techniques, flexible and innovative agro-industrial processes, short and long marketing channels, national and international regulations, etc. Teaching materials will then be posted on the project website.

To fill the missing links in the value chain and transfer know-how and technologies that cannot be developed endogenously, the project will implement promotion actions to the attention of potential investors and partners. Investment and partnership opportunities to be seized in each pilot territory will be presented in a brochure. The latter will include pre-feasibility studies for some very promising projects. These opportunities will be disseminated on the project website and during targeted events.

Dairy transportationTo encourage the creation of partnerships between the various stakeholders in the dairy chain, local business meetings will offer individual appointments between suppliers, farmers, processors, affineurs, agro-industrialists and distributors established in or close to each pilot territory. With a view to diversify outlets and secure incomes for producers, the project will assess the interest for selected agro-industrial groups participating in the meetings to develop sustainable partnerships with local firms. This industrial audit will be carried out by an international expert who will propose a tailor-made strategy of local outsourcing to each group.