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Ain Ghoraba, Algérie © Oussama Aberkane Photographer, Flicker

Agriculture as an engine of development in Algeria

In fact, the 2009 conference of Biskra in Algeria placed the food security and the agricultural development issues as strategic growth sectors in the framework of the Algerian agricultural policy. Six years later, figures testify the significative development of this sector: with an average growth rate of 11% per year, it represents 9.8% of the national GDP. In terms of production value, 2013 ended with a DA 2.555 billion account and DA 2.761 billion in 2014. In addition, it covered more than 72% of the national market needs.

During the national Conference on Foreign Trade, the Minister of Agriculture and rural development, Mr. Abdelouahab Nourri, celebrated the progress carried out and pointed out the importance of strategic value chains such as milk, potato and cereals. He also mentioned that “Algeria is heading towards the construction of a whole agribusiness industry base”, which would allow, among other benefits, food security and employment creation. This objective needs the support of the agricultural product transformation industries.